From the Journal of a Filipino Nurse

“Shocking on three!”

“One, I’m clear. Two, you’re clear. Three, everybody clear.”


Applause erupted from my colleagues in the room. “Congratulations. You have now obtained Return of Spontaneous Circulation. Well, done!” said the AHA-certified trainer.

It was July 2019. I’ve had my Bachelors Degree in Nursing for 6 years, and this day, I renewed my American Heart Association (AHA) certification as an Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) provider, a pre-requisite to Dialysis training.

Back then, I’ve actually just quit my lax desk job, which provided benefits, weekends off, and insurance, to return to ‘the Nursing arena.’ I had a thorough plan. In fact, I’ve just applied for training and certification in Dialysis. In a year, I told myself, I’d apply to be a Certified Renal Nurse (CRN) and get a safe and stable job at a hemodialysis clinic.

Little did I know that life had other plans.


Oh Young-jun cares for critically ill patients infected with the novel coronavirus in a negative-pressure isolation ward.(Oh Young-jun : “Nursing Story”)

Oh Young-jun cares for critically ill patients infected with the novel coronavirus in a negative-pressure isolation ward. (Oh Young-jun / “Nursing Story”)


On the Other Side of the Bed Rail during COVID-19

My friend, Sally, (not her real name) is only about 30––a smart and capable nurse, with a confidence that awed me, optimism that inspired me, and warmth that affected both patients and colleagues.

She has a loving fiancé and her whole life ahead of her. Fortunately, she’s now being discharged from the hospital, finally testing negative from Sars-Cov-2, the novel coronavirus responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.

How’d she get it? In late February, one of our patients died from complications stemming from being infected with this novel coronavirus. That patient of ours was also only in his early 30’s.

She and I worked per-diem Hemodialysis Nurses for a few dialysis centers. But time came that I favored taking shifts at one center, while Sally favored another.

It just so happened that the center Sally chose was where she would later contract the virus. She and the rest of the regular staff that continued to work there were all placed in a 14-day quarantine.

After a while, Sally developed complications that would merit confinement at a hospital. She doesn’t detail to me how difficult it’s been, but as a nurse myself, I can imagine, at least, what this means psychologically.

Who would have known that a global pandemic would hit and throw everyone’s plans into discourse?

Do you know what it’s like to be a nurse on the other side of the bed rail? When everything, it seems, falls apart, and the hero’s cape loses meaning?

Of the over 6,000 cases of COVID-19 in the Philippines as of this time of writing, almost 2,000 are healthcare workers. In world estimates, aren’t the numbers of healthcare professionals affected already in the hundreds of thousands?

While several local governments have stepped up to provide for health workers, I can’t express enough my frustration and fears as colleagues of mine are seemingly left for dead on the frontlines like a battlefield.


A Profession Bullied by Its Country

My profession is an oppressed profession long-bullied by its country. My people are an oppressed people long before the pandemic.

In all its glory that mesmerized even me, of course, the profession is not without its own flaws.

Up till now, there have been issues of nursing bullying not just in one country but several. According to Dr. Renee Thompson’s Series on Nurse Bullying, nurses are of an oppressed profession.

She writes, “While nurses are held accountable for outcomes, they are still paid by the hour; have to commit to a swipe-in and swipe-out schedule; and are afforded minimal or no representation at decision-making tables in their workplaces.”

“Feelings of frustration, coupled with an increasingly complex and stressful job, can create environments where nurses “take it out” on each other.”

In the Philippines, it’s mostly the same. I have a cousin who is an ICU nurse and works the COVID area and she still gets bullied on the regular.

However, to add fuel to the fire, the greater source of oppression and bullying the profession gets is from its government.

It’s not enough that we are lacking in Personal Protective Equipment and hospital beds like every other county in the world. Our healthcare workforce, primarily nurses, has been mistreated by the government for so long.

Cries for higher wages and compensation have fallen on deaf ears.

If not for this pandemic, the work, as I wrote in my “resignation letter” after 10 months of non-paid volunteer work as a nurse at a hospital that will remain nameless, it’s a thankless job.

There are many ways in which this country has bullied nurses in the past and more so in the present.

Many administrations have turned a blind eye on “volunteerism” and hospitals taking advantage of nurses. In other countries, nursing students are paid for their service or at least given an allowance. Here, it is the other way around. Institutions pay hospitals to allow their students (and clinicians) to offer their services.

Isn’t it ironic?

The trainings I mentioned I had earlier, as most trainings required to continue in this profession, are paid for by us nurses––this is regardless whether or not we are employed by a hospital or institution.

Despite it now being a requirement to “renew” our professional licenses––the one we studied so hard for––we need to pay out-of-pocket to get credentials for licensure we need for the hospital that employs us to keep us. Hospitals need nurses. Is it difficult to sponsor the training for your own employees?

Just recently, the current administration implemented a ban on nurses leaving the country to return to their work abroad regardless if said nurses already have contracts or have been working outside the country for years? Although, the ban has since been relaxed, let it forever be ingrained in history the failure to dispel the cruelty of this country to its nursing workforce.

I’m saying this not to belittle or ridicule my country or the profession. This is just what I hate about being a nurse in my country.

In 2016, amidst axing of over 6,000 doctors and nurses in proposed national budget, Dr. Carl E. Balita, in an open-letter on social media wrote that the Philippine Health Care System remains problematic, all while the nurses in the Philippines are being oppressed. Most nurses remained unemployed or moved to an alternative mode of income.

I was in clinical process outsourcing for over 2 years prior to quitting in June of last year. I feel like opportunities were not made possible for me, even after earning my Bachelor’s Degree, until I concurred the money to enter into training that would help me land stable employment in my profession.


But even as I complain, as a nurse, when the curtains are drawn, and the glass does not shatter but my heart does, I come to realize time and again that my life is not my own.

Whenever I felt disheartened in my profession, I like to recall one of my favorite movie lines: “Anyone can take a life. But to give life, that is true power!”

While this pandemic crisis is an eye-opener to many, it is a great deal of an eye-opener especially to frontliners––especially to colleagues of mine in the ICU who come face-to-face with infected-victims of the pandemic every single day.

And so, yes, there’s a lot that happens behind the glass windows of the ICU.

Commemorating colleagues who have died and will die in our stead, whichever country you belong, I implore that you remember us, not only in times like this pandemic.

Let me remind you, real heroes don’t even wear capes.



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(Featured Photo: Oh Young-jun cares for critically ill patients infected with the novel coronavirus in a negative-pressure isolation ward.(Oh Young-jun / “Nursing Story”))


Uncertain Wanderer

Many have asked,

I know that it’s time.

My heart knows it’s worth it—

Saying goodbye.

I’ve cried the tears

I needed to cry;

I will find the courage

Needed to try.

I’ve felt the pain

I needed to feel

In order to tell me

This is for real.

My heart is not

Where it’s supposed to be;

I’m constantly finding

A place that’s for me.

But one thing is certain,

One thing for sure:

I’ve not forgotten

God’s love is pure!

So I’ve cried the tears

Yet I’ll still need to cry—

I’ll fight for the courage,

I’ll need me to try!

And even in sorrow,

Or sadness or grief,

I know there’s tomorrow,

That this life’s a gift!

So though how uncertain

This wandering may be,

Never a quandary

To wonder and see.

(c) Copyright 2019. All Rights Reserved. (Original Creation: May 25, 2019; Updates made to formatting on May 1, 2020)


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“Taking to Heart”

I’d love to meet the one who stole your heart,

Or if she took it from your sleeve

Upon which you loved to wear it,


Did you steal hers

And have her take

Your own as it was needed?


For if she was

Without a heart,

Who dared to take & break it?


She may have entered

In your heart––

I’ve placed mine in your pocket.


Would I find

A pedestal

In a corner she’s beloved?


Or, indeed,

Do I not know

The song your heart is singing?


Oh, do we take

Each others’ own

So there’s more of them to treasure?


Love is

A twisted Fantasy,

In both ways, I’m just not winning.


It’s good that I don’t take to heart

This game

That’s without meaning.


(c) Copyright 2020 Reese Qu on Booksie. All Rights Reserved.

(Originally written 12/09/2018 at 2:24 a.m. PHT. Updated and published on Booksie May 1, 2020)


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The Universe As The Metaphor

“What if ‘God’ is a metaphor for the universe?”

I no longer recall the first instance I had seen the question above. It is but a rhetoric statement.

Browsing through Pinterest one Sunday morning, I saw the statement again.

The user who uploaded the image puts forward a very interesting follow-up to the question. The caption read: “What if God is a metaphor for the universe and we really are created in its image?”

In his question, the user above referred to the Bible verse in the book of Genesis 1:27 which reads, “So God created man in His own image, in the image of God created He him; male and female created He them.” (King James Version)

However, the user’s intention in asking the question seemed inclined to explaining how man came to believe in God, with the assumption that the latter is not so.

Merriam Webster Online defines “Metaphor” as a figure of speech. So, to say that God is merely a metaphor is to say that the existence of the Universe supersedes the existence of God, and wrests that God’s existence might be arguable.


Most atheists consider Him nonexistent. Others even, meaningless.

But in truth, that is not the case. The respectable television preacher Bro. Eli puts it that the law of nature does not exist on its own but has a Creator who ‘predetermines’ it. That said, the Creator who is the God Almighty, cannot be meaningless.

Photo taken from: universe-beauty.com

Photo taken from: universe-beauty.com


A Huge Misunderstanding

Bro. Eli Soriano, host of the longest-running religious program on Philippine Television and Overall Servant of Members Church of God International (MCGI), is a strong contester of atheism.

In his blog, Creation: The Most Misunderstood Portion of Genesishe expounded on the many misinterpretations and mistaken theories of our origin and the universe itself.

“Real science believes in beginnings. Real science believes that there is an earth, a planet. Real science believes in the expanse that envelopes the earth and other heavenly bodies they call “space” which the Bible calls “heavens.”

– Bro. Eli Soriano, ‘Creation: Most Misunderstood Portion of Genesis

(Originally posted on Elisoriano.com/blog 22 November 2014)

The televangelist-blogger believes that the Bible and true science do not contradict, and that it is the interpreters of the Bible who make statements that contradict true science.

In this blog, he brought up Richard Dawkins, a British evolutionary biologist and atheist who believes in the theory of evolution and wrote that it is necessary for man to return to the sea as have ‘a good number of thorough-going land animals.’

But the account of creation in Genesis has a very scientific chronology proving that marine life came first before land life. How? “A day in creation is not a 24-hour day as other Bible apologist claim!” wrote Bro. Eli.

Even if human science is considered as true science by many people because of supporting empirical factual observations, while natural sciences are backed by rational theorizing, as according to Michael Dunn (The Human Sciences, 2013),  Bro. Eli explained that they are still just theories!

“To qualify, not everything in the Bible is considered a mystery. The Bible contains information worded in simple words understandable even by the most illiterate of humans. Honor and obey a father and a mother can be understood even by a child.” quipped Bro. Eli.

Bro. Eli also put forth the biblical claim that man cannot know everything of God. How so? Over 95% of the ocean remains unexplored to date, according to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Bro. Eli did say that God reserves some knowledge to Himself, and this is both biblical and factual.

“Then I beheld all the work of God, that a man cannot find out the work that is done under the sun: because though a man labour to seek it out, yet he shall not find it; yea further; though a wise man think to know it, yet shall he not be able to find it.” Ecclesiastes 8:17 (KJV)

The Scientific and Biblical Existence

“I have found there is a wonderful harmony in the complementary truths of science and faith.”

Collins: Why this scientist believes in God by Dr. Francis S. Collins, MD, PHD, author of “The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief”

During one of our Thanksgiving Celebrations at Members Church of God International (MCGI), Bro. Eli featured this article written by Dr. Collins whose perception in life changed dramatically as he discovered the magnificence which is in God’s great and very scientific creation of the universe.

There are many scientists today who attest to atheism, but the claim that 99% of the world’s scientists are atheist is truly misleading.

Such was a statement of Jeremy Lucban, the atheist who defamed the televangelist largely on social media, a blind follower of Dawkins and the long-held atheistic theory that men come from apes.

There is much to disprove the atheistic claims and the theory of evolution itself! Even mitochondrial DNA is proven to have originated from a single mother – human, not ape.


Unlike Lucban, the more Collins learned in science and of the deep wonders in the world, the more it was likely to him that God exists.

This is the logical concept. As every action has an equal and opposite reaction, the universe cannot in itself exist. For what force was there to create the hypothetical friction in the hypothetical pea-sized dense matter from which the ‘Big Bang’ started?

Bro. Eli was appalled by the fact that people can believe such a theory and fallacy to be truth in order to support the notion that there is no God.

“It is possible to ignore the existence of a Creator but it is impossible to obliterate that existence, even if one believes in such non-existence. It is upon the existence of a Creator that we can even think of possibilities of how the world was created.”

– Bro. Eli Soriano, More Possibilities than Impossibilities – God is in Control, not Atheist

Even theoretical physicist Michio Kaku was quoted to say, “I have concluded that we are in a world made by rules created by an intelligence.”

Kaku, a professor who has published over 70 articles for physics journals rocked the world of science – or should I say the world of atheistic scientists – when he was quoted saying this by the Geophilosophical Association of Anthropological and Cultural Studies, adding, “To me it is clear that we exist in a plan which is governed by rules that were created, shaped by a universal intelligence and not by chance.” (See video)

Truly there is need of a Creator to sustain this vast mathematical expanse.

And therefore, in entirety, the entity of God is not simply an idea created to explain the universe, but rather, it is the universe and all that God created which is proof of His existence, power and greatness.

As the international televangelist says, “Nothing in science tells us that there is no Creator.”

Nothing is lost in believing.

Take our universe as the metaphor.



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The entry above was created on the basis of the blogs and teachings of Bro. Eli Soriano, the televangelist blogger and host of the longest-running religious program on Philippine television, Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path).

Blogging since the early 2000’s, he has received many recognitions for his works online. Visit his sites to learn more biblical facts:

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Excerpts of Love: Around This Time Last Year

It was around this time last year.

What is it that we feel when we don’t want to feel what we think we might not have felt when we felt it?

– For yes, we felt it.

And I know not but when we felt it, it is now but a dream, or a wish of a dream.

But we both knew that wasn’t a dream.


Because it was around this time last year.

Last year, the rain felt different. I was different.

Even if the fall, at all, meant nothing in one place and so much in another, the fall exists – not here, maybe, but it exists.

The same with the coming of Winter, I guess.


And it was around this time last year, if memory serves me right,

I’d stumble and fall, and in fact, knew it all – the excitement, the passion, the longing.

And in a glimpse of the past, it all comes back

That somehow you to I and I to you – we were… and we were not, all at once

At the same time.


It was this time – this season – last year.

Fading, it, from my memory still.

It was around the same time, that I thought today, I thought –

That I would never think about it this way again.


And it’s funny how the seasons changed, the times flew by and so did we.

It’s funny how one thing led to another, and there are still so much left unsaid.

You don’t understand! –

No, you wouldn’t understand.


But the way we are, the way we left things, you gave me something – something I didn’t really ask for.

You gave me confidence – letting me know that I’m not all imperfect.

You let me know that I could be loved.

You gave me inspiration,

And the feeling of excitement – the rush of that I for so long longed to feel, and the perfect opportunity to live that one Taylor Swift song.

Yes, The Story of Us could have been a lot different by now, had I put up with things.

But most of all, at the end of it all, you gave me freedom.


When it was over, when all was behind us,

Should I have told you anything?

Do I know what to even say?

It was the same time last year – the same!

And even now, I know I feel the shame.


I remember that around the same time last year,

We opened doors and closed old ones.

At the same time last year,

An odd hello, an odd goodbye.


Around the same time last year – yes –

There was something –

Something in that with which there was nothing at all!


I loved you then, my heart was aching,

I hurt you as my heart was breaking,

I pushed away and was not faking.


At around the same time last year, I let you go.

(c) Copyright 2015. All Rights Reserved. (Updates made to formatting on May 1, 2020)


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A Take on Issues: Christianity and Democracy

There are many religions on this earth, each claiming to be the real one. Certain groups believe that religion is fiction. According to Karl Marx, “Religion is the opium of the people.” I beg to disagree. Perhaps ‘False Relgion’ is the opium of the people.

People of faith are being bashed on media and internet for the actions of a couple. Some people do things that are downright dishonorable – subject to criticism and disapproval by the rest of society. And this causes the world to be misled, to believe in the entirety of atheistic principles – including the nauseous idea that people came from apes. Such that even Richard Dawkins believes that the God of the Bible is a sadomasochist! God forbid anyone be misled by this foolish man. (See: The Sadomasochistic Tales of the Stupid Richard Dawkins by Mr. Controversy)

Featured Image -- 301

In the U.S., people celebrated the day when all of the states of this superpower country legalized same-sex marriage. They took to twitter with the hashtag #LoveWins. But later, in Kentucky, there was an issue regarding deputy clerk Kim Davis who, according to her beliefs, refused to issue a same-sex couple a marriage license – a clear violation of their constitutional rights. Davis believes she has a right to the practice of her faith, thereby not granting the marriage license to which she believes is a practice of her faith. But where do we draw the line between religious rights and constitutional rights?

Let’s talk about democracy first and get this thing straightened out.

In Democracy in Brief of the Bureau of International Information Programs, it is written:

Democracy, which derives from the Greek word “demos,” or “people,” is defined, basically, as government in which the supreme power is vested in the people. In some forms, democracy can be exercised directly by the people; in large societies, it is by the people through their elected agents. Or, in the memorable phrase of President Abraham Lincoln, democracy is government “of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

But on page 26, under “Rule of Law,” the following is stated:

democracy pic

No individual is above the law. Clear as day!

I am no expert at politics, but I think this part of the conversation is pretty much intact. That said, despite having her religious rights, Kim Davis obviously have violated the law of the land. The rule of law defends against threats of tyranny and lawlessness – she can’t be exempt from the law because of her beliefs. This is where the “Separation of Church and State” comes in.

So, on the grounds of democracy, Davis’ actions are undoubtedly wrong. But on the grounds of Christian faith, could she be correct?

What better way to cross-examine this issue by going to one very unrefutable Christianity exposé blogger, Mr. Controversy?

Here is an excerpt taken from the website ControversyExtraordinary.com:

Christ emphatically expressed that there are things for God and things for Caesar. Christ did not remove from his disciples the acknowledgement to government and to Caesar’s power. In fact Christ even taught His disciples to subject themselves to the power of the government.

MATTHEW 22:17-21
17 Tell us therefore, What thinkest thou? Is it lawful to give tribute unto Caesar, or not?
18 But Jesus perceived their wickedness, and said, Why tempt ye me, ye hypocrites?
19 Shew me the tribute money. And they brought unto him a penny.
20 And he saith unto them, Whose is this image and superscription?
21 They say unto him, Caesar’s. Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s.
ROMANS 13:1-2
1 Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.
2 Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation.
I PETER 2:13
Submit yourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord’s sake: whether it be to the king, as supreme;

But even to such submission, Christ emphatically expressed that there are things for God which are not meant to be spent for luxurious lifestyles.

Mr. Controversy in “Iglesia ni Cristo Straining the Gnats but not the Camel,” ControversyExtraordinary.com

The Philippines has democratic constitution like that of the United States of America and should adhere to the same logic. In the above excerpt, the author accurately explained that Christians do subject to government.

In the blog above from which I just quoted, Mr. Controversy addresses against a certain issue regarding a religious organization which claims that their religious rights are being violated.  From August 28 to August 30, members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo group rallied in protest of the Department of Justice’s move accepting the complaints filed by Isaias Samson Jr. against, not the church group, but 8 individual members of the church group. It turns out that, for the Iglesia Ni Cristo sect, when Justice Secretary Leila De Lima did her job, she simply violated their religious rights.

They rallied on the weekend along one of the busiest highways of Metro Manila, EDSA. They exclaimed, in summary, that they wanted the government to get their nose out of their church affairs. But is this a legitimate complaint?

In an article by Patrick Quintos of ABS-CBN News published in August 31, it says:

Expelled INC minister, Isaias Samson, earlier filed a criminal complaint against eight members of the INC’s Sanggunian before the Department of Justice (DOJ).

The DOJ has yet to act upon the complaint, but the INC has already accused the agency of selective justice, calling on the government to leave the matter alone to the church, citing the Constitution’s provision on the separation of the Church and the State.

“Religious group Iglesia Ni Cristo members cry for separation of Church and State in their protests along Shaw Boulevard on Sunday, August 30.” (Photo & Caption: Philstar.com/Efigenio Christopher Toledo IV

Netizens react to INC rallyists who condemn Justice Secretary of the Philippines. (Photo taken from Twitter)

Netizens react to INC rallyists who condemn Justice Secretary of the Philippines. (Photo taken from Twitter)

See Tweet-reaction Compilation by Rappler: INC protesters anger commuters, stranded motorists

“I don’t want to have this conflict. I don’t want to be in the spotlight. And I certainly don’t want to be a whipping post,” Davis said. “I am no hero. I’m just a person that’s been transformed by the grace of God, who wants to work, be with my family. I just want to serve my neighbors quietly without violating my conscience.”

– “Kentucky clerk won’t interfere with gay marriage licenses,” Associated Press published on Yahoo.com, by Claire Galofaro

Despite saying she does not want conflict, Davis continues to say that she has no plans on resigning from her government position, and she will not go against her conscience. This is despite that she had sworn oath to do her duty under the authority of the laws and provisions of the constitution.

Photo taken from Twitter

Photo taken from Twitter

Nightly Show host Larry Wilmore put it perfectly when he asked the rhetorical question, “Since when do federal employees get to renegotiate the conditions of their employment?… Like her job has to match the view of the world in order for it to work.” He further adds, “Why is speaking her mind a quality admired and rewarded above all others right now?” He went on to compare her actions to Donald Trump’s public statements against Mexicans.

In addition to her actions, she comes out to Kentucky in election season in support of Huckabee. Wilmore termed that the lady is “forcing her beliefs” on the constitution which is clearly a violation of individual rights as well.

(You can watch the Nightly Show whole commentary on this below.)

What kind of God do these people serve? What kind of God does Davis serve? As proven with the verses stated earlier, the God of Christians definitely wouldn’t have His people ‘force’ their beliefs on anyone.

Of course, the law of man is imperfect. Absolute justice isn’t exactly being carried out everywhere at all times, especially in places where democracy does not apply, such as in the Middle East, and China.

But according to Televangelist Bro. Eli Soriano, “In God’s justice, the worst crime done ignorantly, especially of unbelievers, is pardonable (1 Tim 1:13).”

Therefore, ignorance is pardonable.

In the truest sense of God’s justice, no biblically inclined mind and thinking will conform to the internationally accepted fallacy of human principle on laws  Ignorantia legis neminem excusat.

The principle  states, “Ignorance of the law excuses no one from compliance therewith”.

The primary logical question is: How can you comply with a law you do not know?

The lawyer Apostle Paul said, where there is no law, sin cannot be imputed (Romans 4:15).

“Because the law worketh wrath: for where no law is, there is no transgression.”

“Because the law brings punishment from God. Where no law exists, there can be no sin”

God’s law is just and is the formidable bastion of justice (Romans 7:12).

“Wherefore the law is holy, and the commandment holy, and just, and good.”

Is it justice being served if somebody is being prosecuted for an offense based on a law not known to him?

– Bro. Eli Soriano in “Ignorance of the Law Excuses Someone,” Elisoriano.com

This being the world we live in, it is nice to know that there is true justice that will be served in the end.

“God is a God of perfect justice.Hope in your heart that there is a time — a perfect time for God’s intervention… and it is coming soon!”

– Bro. Eli Soriano in “Perfect Justice in God’s Perfect Time,” elisoriano.com

I support Mr. Controversy and Bro. Eli Soriano, and I urge you to read up more about these controversial issues pertaining to faith from these two blogs: controversyextraordinary.com and elisoriano.com/blog

To God be the Glory!

(c) Copyright 2015 Reese Qu on Booksie. All rights reserved. (Updates to formatting made. 05/03/2020)


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Trevor Noah for The Daily Show

Trevor Noah. It’s a name that’s gone viral ever since word went out that he would take over The Daily Show. Left and right, critics arose, but Jon Stewart, who retires as host to this Comedy Central show supports him, saying, “Trevor Noah will earn your trust and respect. Or not. I hope you give him an opportunity to earn that trust and respect.” He also says in a separate statement, “I’m thrilled for the show and for Trevor. He’s a tremendous comic and talent that we’ve loved working with.” The announcement came in April but I still want to talk about it. So, who is Trevor Noah anyway?


The 31 year old comedian from South Africa started his career on local radio, but now has had appearances internationally, having sold-out stand-up shows everywhere he went. According to thedailyshow.cc.com, Trevor’s debuted on U.S. Television in 2012, and has guested on shows including “Late Show with David Letterman” and “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” Everywhere he went, he made people laugh. He guested only three times on “The Daily Show” but it was enough for the people at Comedy Central to say, “This is our guy.”

A huge commotion followed, starting with attacks on his statements on Twitter where people accused him of being anti-semitic, sexist and racist. He received major backlash from many offended groups including women’s rights groups.

With regards to his tweets, I personally believe that Noah is just living up to his comedy. He makes a good point tweeting, “If we can’t find reasons to laugh then we will only ever cry.”

Media, such as The Young Turks, seem to have pointed out that a lot of people were jealous about him getting the job. And a New York Times writer named One of the most upsetting thing to have heard was Russell Peter’s accusation on Channel News Asia claiming with a straight face, that Noah as stolen jokes from him and another South African comedian. Fortunately, a statement by Peter on Twitter revealed that it was a hoax pulled off by the two comedians. I’m glad I can keep my respect for Peter.

But in light of this issue, nothing was a “Faith in Humanity Restored” moment as when Don Lemon Panel opposing claims of a guest saying that Trevor Noah was being racist, on CNN Tonight segment, “No Laughing Matter.” Wendy Todd, culture and race blogger who wrote for the New York Times seems to think that Noah was belittling African Americans, and some even suggested that it was inappropriate for Noah to make fun of the country (or people) who took him in. (Watch full video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZX60RC9V2k)

My short and simple response is:

This is comedy. He is a comedian, a rather bold one if I may say. I watched him perform one of his stand-up comedy acts in 2014, by accident, and I was immediately hooked! He is a comedian of charisma, and intellect. I like that he is very well-versed on many important issues in the world today – he cares about politics! And by basing, not on his race but on one of his stand-ups in Johannesburg, I truly believe he is not a racist and brings nobility to his career as a comedian by initiating to erradicate the idea of racist statements, making African Americans an example to that in his culture. (See: “That’s Racist” – Trevor Noah)

That CNN Tonight segment didn’t even play the clip from his show completely, so definitely this will give people the impression that he was making racist remarks. Even if he was, it’s comedy – pun is always intended.

Like many though, I am a bit skeptical of Noah’s taking over the daily show. (My statement sounded as though he was going to colonize or something. Haha.) He’s bold, he’s smart, and I love the things he talks about. There’s variety and class, but there’s also culture and intellectual matters.I believe in his talent, but I also see that “The Daily Show” is not something you can take lightly. Another thing to consider is the fact that he isn’t from the country. The last thing his fans would want is him being given the title of “Persona Ingrata.” Noah has a lot to prove, and you guys don’t have to listen to me. But this is what I’m saying on my blog, truthfully, from the bottom of my – uh – hypothalamus.

I wish him well.

Trevor Noah is set to take over as host of The Daily Show on September 28, while August 6 is Stewart’s last day, unless this is another hoax to stir up the media. Not likely – I hope.








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Excerpt of Life: Ripples


They say “forgive and forget.”
But can one really forget?
The water runs deep.
Into once dry valley, weep.

The lake will one day settle.
Reflections mirror one day meddle;
Each of a reality
Furthers anonimity.

But by rain or flying pebbles
Reflections will cease.
Merely I gamble
These ripples at ease.

Mistakes are a painful mem’ry.
Regrets are a furious bunch.
None shall heed my query
Of how love settles nothing by hunch.

But by hook or by crook,
My actions at ease,
I shall waiver
As I shall please.

And by shake of the earth
Or by the quiet of breeze
Merely I’d gamble
These ripples at ease.

(c) Copyright 2015 Reese Qu. All Rights Reserved. (Originally written on April 12, 2015 via WordPress for Android. Updates to formatting, May 1, 2020.)


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The Televangelist Who Reads

In times past, humans sometimes called magic and/or miracles the things and occurrences they could not explain. As decades went by, there slowly became a system of ‘discovering’ and ‘naming’ of such things and occurrences that were later known as systems and processes, and men called it “Science.”

As more things are being explained by the Science of men, more ideas emerge – sometimes dangerous and self-serving ideas considered as theories. As some theories become proven to be facts, some theories are simply made fact because of a majority of agreement. And that’s just how it is. Some traditions change. And as it happens, even the perception of human history is theorized against what could be called tradition, and apologists and atheists arise, refuting that God exists.

But some traditions don’t change. And despite all odds, the facts are clearer than day; I don’t believe there is no God, for unlike what Kurt Eichenwald claims, I believe in the televangelist who reads.


“Red Autumn Morning” Photo by miriadna.com (taken from Pinterest)


Atheistic Conspiracy Theories

In December 2014, Newsweek came out with an article “The Bible: So Misunderstood It’s a Sin” by Kurt Eichenwald. In this article, the self-proclaimed atheist author wrote, “No television preacher has ever read the Bible.”

He claims further that the Bible of today is inauthentic, and that words and ideas have been changed and adulterated through the times. Eichanwald mentioned many known preachers including 700 Club’s Pat Robertson and Governor Rick Perry, and some practice of various religions that are practically just for show.

Let me cut to the chase. As Eichenwald had written, “There were no vacuum-sealed technologies to preserve paper for centuries. Dried clay broke, papyrus and parchment crumbled away, primitive inks faded.” Therefore, what more proof do people need in order to establish the authenticity of something as old as the Bible?

They say, if you judge a fish for its ability to climb a tree, you may convince that fish that he is stupid for the rest of his life. I’m not saying that something inanimate such as a book, if it were to listen to an atheist tell it that it’s made up, would believe it. That’s not the point. I’m saying that people shouldn’t be convinced that the Bible is no longer authentic due to the lack of present-day objective evidence.

God can’t be comprehended by the punitive science that man has thus far discovered, so inevitably, atheists would want to conform to human standards of explanation of His existence–which is not enough!

So they go about their pointless mission, exclaiming that all must not believe in God, looking for evidences but biased by their stronghold belief, or unbelief rather. Such is how Eichenwald has made his long elaborated article on why people should not believe the Bible, when in fact, he himself claims that he has not read the Bible.

Because if Eichenwald had researched thoroughly, he would have known of the man given the title of “The Most Sensible Preacher of Our Time.”

What is there to refute that Brother Eli Soriano has read and, in fact, continues to read the Bible? I daresay. For those who do not know Soriano or have only heard false word about him, I dare you to seek for in all corners of media, for with the help of modern technology, he is even preaching through the internet.


Brother Eli on The Old Path Channel


Biblical Explanation to Creation

There is a particular part in Eichenwald’s article wherein he discusses “alleged inconsistencies” in biblical Creation. He claims, without full understanding (because, as he has claimed in writing, he has not read the Bible), and I quote, “Few of the Christian faithful seem to know the Bible contains multiple creation stories.”

Again, I am quite appalled. I have much to say, but nothing I say would compare to the answers Brother Eli has the blog posted, “Creation: The Most Misunderstood Portion of Genesis.

The article points out and corrects various misinterpretations regarding biblical creation by going straight to the core of the issues – discussing as necessary even regarding the origin of certain translated words in the Bible. That said, there are mysteries in the Bible, but not everything is a mystery.

“To qualify, not everything in the Bible is considered a mystery. The Bible contains information worded in simple words understandable even by the most illiterate of humans. Honor and obey a father and a mother can be understood even by a child.”

– “Creation: The Most Misunderstood Portion of Genesis

In his blog, “Big Bang Theory and Creation: What to Believe In,” he wrote:

Before man has even discovered the Law of Gravity, the Bible tells us in advance that it was hung by God upon nothing.

JOB 26:7
He stretcheth out the north over the empty place, and hangeth the earth upon nothing.

We know that it is the force of gravity that holds the earth and other planets and heavenly bodies in their place in space.

For atheists, to believe in science is to reject the Bible because for them it is fiction and unscientific! But I say that, in believing the Bible you will learn true science.

Atheists say that the universe started with a Big Bang and is ever expanding. God said in the Bible that He created the universe with exact measurements and weight!

But there are always things that man could never find out.

Human sciences are wanting, wanting as ever. That is because God has reserved some knowledge of his work for him alone.

Then I beheld all the work of God, that a man cannot find out the work that is done under the sun: because though a man labor to seek it out, yet he shall not find it; yea further; though a wise man think to know it, yet shall he not be able to find it.

As defined in the dictionary, human science is the study and interpretation of the experiences, activities, constructs, and artifacts associated with human beings. Normally used with the Letter “s,” the human sciences correspond to humanities and social sciences, but also include aspects of psychology and even mathematics.

Discussions by Michael Dunn in The Human Sciences (2013), theoryofknowedge.net said many people do not consider human sciences as true science because they rely on empirical observation to arrive at findings. In contrast, the natural sciences, which are much ‘stricter’ in their use of observation, are backed up by rational theorizing. Still they are just theories. And yet man resorts to either in trying to understand the universe.

Therefore, human sciences as well as natural sciences endeavoring at their best, lack explanation in so many things that actually happen and exist. In faith and in the Bible such unexplained thing is called mystery. This progress report, for example, by Adam Hadhazy published in Popular Mechanics is about unsolved mysteries of science.

– “Creation: The Most Misunderstood Portion of Genesis


Not Just A Reader but a Heeder

For the likes of people who oppose biblical truths for the ideals of men, you can listen to his preaching in the program The Old Path in popular segments such as “Bible Expositions” and “Itanong Mo Kay Soriano: Biblia ang Sasagot (Ask Soriano: The Bible Will Answer),” for he is the Televangelist who reads!

“My dream is to find friends; the lost souls; to meet the less fortunate; the hungry; the underfed; the forgotten; and all those rejected by human society: to share with them the hope that is in me; and to be a humble instrument of my Great God, to announce that there is something beautiful and wonderful in store for them who were neglected by this present world! (Luke14:13-14)”

Bro. Eli on WordPress

The Bible is source of many scientifically proven knowledge of today. For instance, the Bible teaches that Honey is nutritious, but good only for adults and not babies. This simple pronouncement in the Bible that Soriano puts forward is quite an evidence already, if one is not blind nor a coward.

 “Would anybody dare to refute this truth? To the enemies of the Bible, SPEAK THAT YOU MAY BE HEARD AND BE JUSTIFIED; OR BE FOUND TO BE FOOLS AND IGNORAMUSES,”

– Brother Eli Soriano 2007, written in “Sweet Evidence of Authenticity of the Bible”

There is such a person who reads the Bible in all its glory and preaches accordingly. And if any atheist claim to have read the Bible, and choose to refute its authenticity, I would say to him: It is in utmost sympathy I tell you that I believe (and know) your understanding of the Bible is misled.

“It is possible that a cause can cause an effect but it is impossible that the cause is nothingness for in nothingness, the ability to think cannot develop or exist.

“It is possible for the seen to cause another seen to exist, but penultimately, the seen is caused by an unseen, a being of higher level than the one caused.

“It is possible that atheists may fool people with their so-called masterpiece knowledge but it is impossible for such knowledge to take the place of truth.”

– Brother Eli Soriano 2014, written in “Possibilities and Impossibilities: God is in Control”

Below, a testimony from one of the listeners of The Old Path’s Bible Expositions.


Claims of Neutrality and Equality

Maybe Eichenwald’s purpose in writing his article is not mal intended. Maybe, like the many seekers of the truth about God, Eichenwald isn’t trying to  escape from the many requirements of holy living (be it there be a God in his life), but is just one of those people who are fed up of listening to pastors and preachers who hardly even read, let alone investigate the Bible to know that what they are saying are exactly contrary to what the God of the Bible teaches.

I too cannot refute that there are those atheist who claim to fight for what they think is humane, what they think is what humanity deserves. In the first week of January, I came across a controversial article from the Huffington Post: “Jewish Atheist’s Controversial T-Shirt: “I Met God, She’s Black”“. There is pretty much nothing I can say except that most people’s perception of God, even if they claim Him to be a make-belief god, are misled if they think that believing in God is being a sexist, or racist.

As far as I have learned, the God of the Bible is neither sexist nor racist.

It is not God’s intention in creating the woman to be the leader or someone dominating the male above her but a helpmate, and to satisfy the desires of the man He created.

PSALMS 145:16

Thou openest thine hand, and satisfiest the desire of every living thing.

In creating the woman, God wants to satisfy the desire of a man and symbiotically the woman also. See how wise the Creator is?


To God only wise, be glory through Jesus Christ forever. Amen.

But to maintain order and prevent strife that may lead to evil, God placed the woman under the authority of the man.

I TIMOTHY 2:11-14

11 Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection.

12 But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.

13 For Adam was first formed, then Eve.

14 And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.

Placing the woman under the authority of the man is not being misogynistic, but being compassionate, loving, and with utmost concern for the woman. God knows the physical constitution of the woman He created. He knows that the woman is inferior in strength.
– Mr. Controversy at controversyextraordinary.com

And God is neither male nor female. God is genderless, for He is Spirit!


– Brother Eli Soriano answers the question: “Does God have gender or sex?”

A Distinction

There is, in fact, many different interpretations of the Bible, as there is many theories to the things that exist which the human-discovered science of today cannot comprehend in facts. But not all interpretation is correct. Not all of the preachers are the same.

As with the case of the Bible, how sure are you, Eichenwald, that there is absolute error with the inter translations from ‘koine’ to today’s various languages? You focus so much on detesting the Bible, you spend so little time looking for the one ‘preacher’ who actually reads and understands the Bible.

There he is on TV broadcasting the Word of God in all purity, even to the point of creating enemies. A man who disposes of inauthentic early ‘christian beliefs’ (such as trinity and 6,000 years of creation and misleading verses in the Bible), to the point of creating for himself enemies from other religious denominations that choose to, as you put it, “sugarcoat” the words in the Bible.

Since you had written in very great detail how the Bible could be false, placing evidences out of the mouth of several pastors and preachers who are contrary even to each other, this blog entry seems to say very little compared to your article. But I am not the one you should be asking, I am merely stating an excerpt of opinion.

One may think Science and Religion are contrary to each other, but the human race, in all its so-called glory which is the science and technological breakthroughs discovered, have not reached the peak of Scientific Understanding. Therefore, to conclude that God doesn’t exist is futile. But to conclude there are many misleading interpreters of the Bible is more befitting. There is a distinction!

True, this world is filled with fools who claim to have read the Bible and preach it incorrectly, but not all! And if you are ready to investigate, unbiased by the influence of atheistic ideations (that claim to build a stronger, wiser human race, but does the opposite), you will realize there is a God by listening to Soriano.


Credits: PhotoVille International and Bro. Eli Soriano Social Media




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No Longer Colony

To my fellow Filipinos who, on various social media including youtube and twitter, ceaselessly beg that our country be colonized by the USA…

Don’t be stupid, the US government has their own problems to take care of too. It’s just a good thing they’re no longer shut down for one matter.

As for whether or not ANY country colonizes us, don’t beg for it. Especially don’t beg the West who are too busy teaching their students that the west was superior to east civilization, involving themselves in wars where they should have absolutely nothing to do with, and making too much liberty the downfall of their own society.

It’s one thing to go visit their countries, but to want to be them, look up to them and just give up on ours…? Such is idiocy.

I’ve said before, despite how I prefer to speak and how I point out the failures of our own government, I’m proud to be Filipino, to have this nation that was once advanced in culture and civilization, had systems, had leaders, had CULTURAL STANDARDS  that could still be in effect today.

We THINK we are greatly influenced by the west, so we succumb to that and continue to feel inferior to them. But don’t forget that they have nothing to be proud of–those great colonizers of the west who took away people and civilization, some of which were killed before being able to sprout or blossom.

We had a system of writing, of counting.

It wasn’t “isang milyon” but “isang libong libo.”

Not “eskwelahan” but “pamantasan.”

We learned to speak their languages, and as Filipinos, we aced in that aspect compared to our neighboring Asian countries.

We were number 1 in Asia once.

But we lack some things. Patriotism. An initiative. Pride. Willingness to Sacrifice.

Our farmers should have been the rich ones.

Our countrymen shouldn’t be aiming to buy iPhones and Chanel bags. Neither should we be proud of having those.

But we pit against our own economy those of other countries.

We succumb to the oppression that is more psychological than physical.

We endeavor to uphold our nation’s pride, but in acts, we deny it.

It’s time to cease this endless rants of how better off we would be under US reign.

If we were under US since long ago, I wouldn’t have opposed.

But when one nation achieves liberty as a country, and wish to restore its being a colony, it’s as shameful as having a potty-trained 6 year old wanting to wear diapers again because he saw his younger siblings in them and was jealous of the attention.

Our nation is more than potty-trained. At least acknowledge that much.

And let’s start helping our economy more and more, support home-grown fruits and products, and be ashamed of posting about imports.

Have you seen how South Korea has grown because of this?

It’s okay to like other country’s products and government and lifestyle, but rather than individually achieveing what they have for your own, why not bring those ideas, those examples to be applied and improved here as well.

I don’t think it’s easy. I’m not exactly sure.

But I know it’s possible.

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At 27

At 27,

I’m still afraid,

Still yearning,

Still learning.

At 27,

I try to fight

The loneliness

With cheers of gratefulness.

At 27,

I know not when

How long I’ll have

To do whatever.

At 27,

I’m still a child–

I’ll fall mild

Break my own heart.

At 27,

It fears me how

I do not know

How must I bow.

At 27,

At 17,

I thought by now,

I’d win a Nobel.

At 27,

I cheer me on,

Despite the facts

And trepid song.

At 27,

Which way to go?

Do not I know

Where heart belongs?

At 27,

There are things

I write in the haven

My own world springs.

At 27,

Despite the odds,

I’ll cherish life.

I cherish God.

I’m 27,

My heart must sing:

Hopeful of the rest

This life might bring!

(c) Copyright 2019. All Rights Reserved.

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Of You

Do not, I beg, you look at me.

Do not even STARE.

Of you I shall not utter,

Not ONE, a solemn dare.


Of you I shall not write about,

Of you, of whom I care.

Of you I try to think aloud

In quiet abyss stare.


Of you did countless nights go by

From whence my future waning;

Of you did stars refuse to shine,

For I’d detest their glory.


Of you, a love not known to last,

Dither WHERE I’m at.

Of you my heart doth beats a lot;

BUT I shan’t heed nor hearken.


This odd non-oath, not sworn nor spoken,

Of you, for which, such is forgotten,

It speaks to me in tell-tale mystery

A song in which a certain misery.


For there, a kingdom long forgotten,

Reigned no servant to mortal infatuation;

Lest the mortal reigned,

And lest a mortal heart was queen!




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